Synchro SITE

Synchro SITE takes your 4D master construction model to the field so everyone, including Foremen and site personnel, can visually review and easily understand the planned activities and conditions of the project: past, present or future from an iPad. As works are performed and conditions change, multiple participants can track progress and status activities and resources in real-time from their iPads directly back to the master model with a tap of a finger, add notes or attach photos. SITE pairs with Synchro PRO 4D Planning and Scheduling platform and runs on the Synchro LINK. Controlled access allows anyone with permission to view the Synchro PRO file, see updates and know the exact status of the project.

> Task Monitoring

Use SITE to review tasks and resources anywhere in the field or office. Click on a Task and isolate the assigned resources in the model, update the Task Status to Planned, Started or Finished.

> Status Resources

PRO and SITE work together to breakdown the work for all resources assigned to a task. Customize the Resource Status Set for any type of component (e.g. floors, windows). Set the Resource Status as work progresses or is interrupted (e.g. Formed, Poured, Striped, Cured, Inspection – Fail)

> Send Notes & Photos

When the Resource Status isn’t descriptive enough, add a note. If the photo can clarify the note, take a picture.

> Synchronize SITE with .SP File

Once reviewed and submitted, Task and Resource statuses are synchronized with Synchro PRO. Now, anyone with permission can access the schedule updates in real time, ensuring the entire delivery team is informed and productivity is maximized on site.

> Connect Directly to Synchro Workgroup Project

Synchro Workgroup Project Server already allows your entire global delivery team to view and edit a master project file concurrently. With SITE, another layer of users will contribute to the status of the project in real-time.

Resource Statusing
Notes and Photos in Synchro
Synchronize to PRO
Connect Directly to Synchro Workgroup Project

Synchro SITE

The Synchro SITE iPad app is FREE in the Apple App Store. Once you download the app, you will be able to use the application with sample models. To load your own models, you must pair Synchro PRO to SITE using Synchro LINK which can be purchased below. Registering gives you access to help guides and one-on-one support if needed.

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*Requires iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 4.

Pricing Synchro LINK

Synchro LINK gives SITE access to the PRO .sp files. Only one Synchro LINK license is required to host unlimited projects from a shared server (subject to hardware limitations). If Synchro PRO files are to be made available to SITE from a specific PC- that PC will require a Synchro LINK license. All active licenses are entitled to software updates and technical support.

Annual subscription: $1,995 USD

Deliver on-time & on-budget projects using the power of real time visualization