VDC Project Delivery Services

Our Mission, Our Principles, Our Team

The intrinsic relationship between people, process and technology creates the foundation for successful project delivery. At Synchro, we have a team of experts focused on helping our clients achieve optimum performance through the use of VDC and visual scheduling.

Our Mission

    The Project Delivery Team’s mission is to ensure the success of our clients in their journey to bring improvement to construction project delivery through the use of Synchro’s VDC construction scheduling and project management software. Synchro PRO’s real time visualization capabilities change the way projects are planned- the ability to see into the future, to communicate clearly and to create a shared understanding amongst the entire project delivery team, enables performance on a much higher level. Safety, productivity, quality, reliability and cost competitiveness all increase. As the industry works to close the skills gap, to effectively and successfully utilize new purpose built, digital technology, the Synchro Project Delivery Team is here to support the companies and people who are working hard every day to deliver great projects.

Our Principles

At Synchro we value integrity above all: integrity in our people, integrity in the process and integrity in your project data. We understand construction- our Project Delivery Team has extensive experience in the industry. Our software does what it says- even on extra-large projects- and we will go to great lengths to support you throughout your journey into digital construction optimization.

The Project Plan WILL BE:

  • Integrated
    • Across ALL Disciplines
  • Validated
    • By ALL stakeholders
  • Optimized
    • For performance AND risk
  • Communicated
    • To EVERYONE in the field

Synchro PRO WILL:

  • Enable direct import
    • Schedule AND Model
  • Produce robust tracking
    • AND re-baselining of progress
  • Contribute directly to faster AND safer building of the project
  • Deliver data to the field
    • Including superintendents, foreman and crews

Project Setup


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