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The Synchro Project Delivery Team are experts in the use of VDC and 4D BIM to optimize construction schedules, eliminate waste and to improve the safety and quality of complex construction projects. Discover how they can help you meet your objectives for successful and reliable project delivery. Contact us today to explore options.

VDC Project Setup

Focus on client team engagement

    Plan best practices for:

  • Data Integration
  • Schedule Development
  • Construction Team Collaboration
  • Progress Validation
  • Risk Management
  • 4D BIM Workflow Logistics
  • Management Briefings

Create standard data formats, workflows and VDC project delivery processes that can be rolled out to multiple projects, or offices.

VDC Project Setup
Executive Training

Executive Training


    – to enable corporate senior managers to:

  • Understand basic theory and practice of VDC and 4D with a concentration on breakthrough impacts on project execution
  • Develop awareness of trends, potential results and issues in using 4D BIM
  • Assess comparative methods and toolsets to enable effective decision making and support of project decision makers
  • View demonstration of Synchro PRO in action on relevant project uses cases, with focus on schedule reduction, safety planning, and ‘certainty of outcome’

VDC Project Modeling

    4D BIM creation for any scale and complexity

  • Assignment and linking of tasks and resources, including updates to 4D model based on revised model and schedule data
  • Production of detailed real time 4D BIM project simulations, including production of reports, graphs, videos, and images
  • Enabling “what if” scenario evaluations, progress tracking, resource/task “clashing” analysis, cost/quantity reporting, etc..

Support your bids, project overload situations, critical management reviews, BIM deliverables

Work with a team that understands project management and BIM workflows

Project 4D Modeling

Video Production

  • Produce polished high-fidelity videos of VDC sequence animations for use in proposals and client/executive presentations
  • Using high end graphics and animation software tools, work performed by experienced Synchro professionals for flawless model export and conversion
  • Fast turnaround times to meet tight deadlines

Safety Planning

    Early implementation of Synchro PRO within the Construction Safety (ES&H) team will result in the reduction of incidents, improved communication of ES&H requirements and a reduction of cost and schedule impacts related to ES&H (integration and time)

  • Reduce the number of risks having to be addressed after construction begins
  • Decrease information ambiguity (clear communication of ES&H requirements, concerns, and hazards/risks)
  • Exploit “the power of the 4D model” in risk identification, training, and mitigation (speed), including scenario analysis
Safety Planning
Jobsite Visits

Jobsite Visits

  • Lead jobsite meetings with planners and construction teams to demonstrate Synchro utilization in context with jobsite activities in the trailer and in the field
  • Key activities include safety planning, schedule updating, site operations, equipment movements, rapid task-resource coordination, and others
  • Support Planners and designated VDC Managers to provide guidelines and hands-on training for successful continued deployment


    Provide expert guidance to enable the successful adoption of VDC and Synchro PRO

  • Focus on client-specific project requirements for data integration, 4D BIM workflows, and output deliverables
  • Instruction on the use of Best Practice Synchro toolsets and the benefits of VDC to the entire project supply chain
  • Build cooperation and communication with the entire team through the creation of a transparent and reliable project planning process
  • Stay connected, track progress, and help leverage 4D BIM on a regional, national or global basis
Jobsite Visits

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